At Prime Strategies we are idea generators, government relations specialists, strategic thinkers, business consultants, reputation enhancers, and problem solvers with a reach that spans across states, the country, and globe. Our expertise is working on complex issues in big states and on international issues with global implications.

Our work takes us from city halls to state capitals, corporate boardrooms to trade association headquarters, the halls of Congress to capital cities throughout the world. With offices in Florida, California, Texas, and Washington, D.C., we run mega-state and multi-state campaigns.

Our approach is both personal and thoughtful – clients only work with the firm’s highly sought after partners and principals on all issues of every scope. This results the best quality of work to attain successful outcomes. We are hands on, always available to tackle any issue or overcome any obstacles.

We ensure you are always ahead of the curve, never behind it. At Prime Strategies, we don’t believe in surprises and place an emphasis on effective planning, which, in turn, produces a sound strategy. We execute by navigating the public policy debate and business landscape to produce favorable outcomes for our clients.

Finally, we are communicators – we bring to life your organization’s successes and accomplishments through visuals and media. Whether to the press, government officials, or prospective business partners, your story must be told clearly, concisely, effectively, and on your terms.

That is our responsibility and we take it seriously. When we speak on your behalf or represent your interests, we aim to make an impression that will produce the results you want.