An Exceptional Track Record Of Success

Prime Strategies was built on the premise of providing clients with comprehensive representation across a broad spectrum of public policy issues. Our senior professionals have significant experience successfully representing clients before decision makers within the government space and have excellent working relationships throughout all branches of state and federal government.

Confidential Case Studies

Press Strategy for Latino-American Advocacy Association

Prime Strategies is proud to represent a number of different organizations in order to ensure that their voices are heard when it matters most. Recently, our company worked with a large US-based organization advocating on behalf of our nation’s Latino-American community. When a leading political dissident on their first trip to the United States was due to arrive, Prime Strategies was asked to arrange an extensive media tour for the dissident and the organization itself. As is the case with any political movement, our nation’s representatives respond to the needs of those who elected them. Understanding this relationship allowed us to develop a strategy that leveraged public opinion in order to convey the importance of this organization’s mission to government officials. The first step in this process was to organize a large media tour that included setting up meetings with the editorial boards of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, and The Miami Herald. Secondly, Prime Strategies organized a series of press conferences and media events which were covered in The Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, Telemundo, Univision, EFE and other prominent news outlets. By successfully increasing our client’s public exposure Prime Strategies was then able to move forward and arrange meetings with leading U.S. lawmakers, including prominent Senators and U.S. Representatives, members of the National Security Council, State Department, as well as a wide range of think tanks, non-profits, human rights organizations, and cultural groups. This visit raised the profile and status of the political dissident, as well as the organization, enabling them to further carry out the organization’s mission and objectives.

Proposed Wireless Merger

When a merger between two wireless cellular providers was proposed, a Prime Strategies managing director was involved in every communications component of this effort. From working on focus groups and national polls to helping develop advertisements, commercials, and creative content, to staffing a war room and working with reporters, the public affairs strategy enabled the corporation to effectively communicate their priorities and set it on a course for future growth and development.

Initiating a Policy Dialogue on Nuclear Non-Proliferation for East Asian Nation

With every election cycle comes the opportunity for US citizens to decide whether or not our country should change course on a number of issues ranging from domestic policy to foreign relations. Often times, these changes in policy can greatly impact the way allied countries navigate the global political landscape, and for this reason it is important for allies to fully prepare themselves for potential policy adjustments in the United States. During the 2016 election cycle, a close US ally from East Asia asked Prime Strategies to help them increase their access to political candidates in the United States, including those running for the presidency. In our effort to increase access for this US ally, Prime Strategies reached out to a number of officials on both sides of the aisle in the summer leading up to the 2016 Election. As the political process wore on, Prime Strategies ensured that our client and their region remained at the forefront of the internal discussion for both parties. Because of this prolonged effort, Prime Strategies was able to ensure that our client’s voice was heard during each respective convention. By working closely with our client’s embassy, Prime Strategies was able to secure additional access and meetings for the client. This allowed for the client to engage with both sides on substantive policy issues that will help guide the diplomatic relationship moving forward.

Legislative Effort to Pass International Disabilities Treaty

Working with the White House, presidential cabinet secretaries and departments, the U.S. Senate, veterans service organizations, corporations, faith leaders, civil rights advocates, and non-governmental organizations, a Prime Strategies managing director played an integral role in crafting and implementing a multifaceted communications strategy to pass an international disabilities treaty. The effort was highlighted by securing television and print interviews with national news outlets, placing op-eds in newspapers throughout the country, coordinating third party efforts in support of treaty ratification, and ensuring strong passage of the treaty out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The campaign was widely hailed for its strategic vision and creativity.

Market Entry for a Ride-Sharing App

A Prime Managing Director was involved in planning the strategy and driving the execution of market entry into multiple jurisdictions for the largest ride-sharing app in the world. The campaigns involved community relations, coalition building, regulatory and legislative initiatives, in addition to mobilizing users to exert pressure on lawmakers and influentials. The campaign consisted of the implementation of policy that allowed for legal operation in new jurisdictions. The campaigns also successfully opposed adverse actions from entrenched competitors that at the time held a firm grip on a number of key decision makers in government.

Securing Tax Credits from State & Local Government

As a part of his national portfolio, a Prime Managing Director worked with multiple levels of government (state, county and municipal) in North Carolina to secure over $4M in tax incentives for the launch of a new manufacturing facility. The initiative required political, legal and legislative negotiations with each level of government. The proposals garnered significant media attention, and required exerting significant political outreach to overcome the objections of key elected officials. Negotiations with each jurisdiction also required the political flexibility to engage diverse lawmakers and influentials, each with their own agendas.

Public Relations Campaign to Boost New Medicinal Cannabis Provider

Prime Strategies has worked with one of Florida’s first Medicinal Cannabis license holders to develop and execute a mutli-faceted press engagement strategy. As one of the first medicinal cannabis growers, processors, and dispensing organizations in the State of Florida, the client entered a market rife with political uncertainty and intense media scrutiny. Our job has been to navigate this complex landscape, guiding their engagements with media figures and organizations that matter most in shaping public opinion of their operations and of the nascent medicinal cannabis industry. In that time, the client has emerged in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace to be recognized as a reputable and trusted provider of clinical-grade cannabis products and focused on delivering the best patient experience possible.