story telling + visual presentation + multiplatform work + paid media + earned media

We work to craft a message, test it, perfect it, and then deliver it in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Our communications approach is always personalized and tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients.

We develop a comprehensive media strategy to tell your story on your terms, and we work on every aspect of your media campaign to ensure your story breaks through the noise and clutter of a fast-paced news cycle. Using creative visuals and innovative tactics, your message will be heard by the target audience.

We know that tactics matter, whether that be a well-authored speech, a newspaper op-ed, or an impactful interview that changes the conversation surrounding a high-stakes issue. This is the Prime Strategies approach and we do not rest until your story is told and success is achieved.

Key Practice Areas

  • Public Affairs
  • Strategic Campaign Development
  • Media management
  • Reporter engagements
  • Speech writing
  • Op-ed writing
  • War room creation
  • Media booking
  • Legal communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Event management
  • Video production
  • Media and social media monitoring
  • Web site development
  • Digital communications
  • Earned and paid media