Crisis Management

ahead of the curve + plan and anticipate before a crisis hits

respond with confidence, swiftly, and accurately + be calm, resolute, and adapt

There are some crises that can be anticipated. Most crises though are unforeseen. No matter the timing or circumstance, a crisis fundamentally tests an organization in a deeply intense way. The response to a crisis must be swift, the plan must be thoughtful, and the actions taken must be done succinctly and confidently.

The leaders at Prime Strategies have experienced severe crises, from the political to the personal to the professional.

Reputations can take a lifetime to build up, but can be won or lost in an instant. The stakes are high and we thrive in this environment by providing strategic counsel to our clients and wholly engaging ourselves in this process. Responses and plans must be nimble and they require adaptability. All crises are unique and every strategy must be expertly tailored to the problem at hand.

Key Practice Areas

  • Crisis management
  • Strategic planning and counsel
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis preparedness
  • Holistic examination of organization
  • Develop crisis communications plan
  • Issues management
  • Research and intelligence-gathering
  • Message development and media strategy
  • Litigation communications
  • Rapid response
  • War room experience
  • Labor or restructuring communications