Government Relations, Global Affairs & Communications

Prime Strategies understands the intersection of government affairs, foreign affairs, public affairs, media, U.S. politics, and Capitol Hill because we live it. Few people possess this expertise and understand how to convey the right message to the appropriate audience in the most impactful way. This is our expertise.

Prime Strategies government relations, global affairs, and communications practices are perfectly positioned to work with foreign governments, international organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and multinational corporations to represent your organization’s interests.

Our practice is led by a leading foreign policy communicator who has developed deep contacts with national and international media organizations. We possess the skill set, relationships, knowledge, and substantive background to provide our clients with the widest public affairs reach and sound counsel. We know how to respond to any crisis calmly and sensibly, seize every opportunity, and maximize exposure to benefit our clients. Our reach spans the U.S. government, from the halls of Congress to the Executive Branch, from the think tank community to diplomatic posts overseas. Our strategies result in positive and measurable successes.

Your story can only be told by storytellers who understand their clients. Public affairs opportunities can only be seized by practitioners who possess this expertise. Crises can only be navigated by professionals who have experienced these challenges, overcame the obstacles, and achieved success.