Prime Strategies Forms Strategic Relationship with Texas Star Alliance


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 28th, 2016
Adam Sharon, 202-258-0616, (Prime Strategies)  
John R. Pitts, Jr. 512-381-1300, (Texas Star Alliance)

National Public Affairs Firm Prime Strategies Forms Strategic Relationship with Texas Star Alliance, a Top-Tier Government Relations and Public Affairs Firm


With a deep presence in Florida, California, New York, and Washington, DC, Prime Strategies continues a robust growth strategy by establishing a strategic relationship with Texas Star Alliance, a top-tier public affairs firm based in Austin and Houston

Tallahassee, FL and Austin, TXPrime Strategies, LLC announced today a strategic relationship with Texas Star Alliance, a premier government affairs firm with deep legislative and political expertise in Austin and at all levels of government throughout Texas.

Texas Star Alliance, established in 2010, is a Texas-based full service public affairs firm with an expertise in direct lobbying, strategic communications, business development, funding, administrative rule-making, and public relations. Prime Strategies specializes in government relations, corporate affairs, and public relations with a national and international reach.

This relationship reflects the continued development of a robust expansion strategy for Prime Strategies, which launched in February 2016 and maintains an active presence in the mega states of Florida, California, New York, and now Texas, as well as in Washington, DC.  Prime Strategies is an affiliate of Floridian Partners, a leading government relations firm with a two-decade track record of delivering excellence for its clients.

Last month, Prime Strategies merged with Los Angeles-based Urban Associates, a topflight government relations and public affairs firm with deep ties throughout all levels of government, business, and labor in California.

“Texas Star Alliance is a top-tier firm stacked with talented professionals with an encyclopedic knowledge of Texas and the unique considerations for anyone trying to do business there. The bottom line is Texas Star Alliance delivers excellent results for their clients. We are excited about offering their capabilities to our clients and working with them in our national practice,” said Patrick Maloy, Managing Partner of Prime Strategies. “Our collective talents, skill sets, and capabilities have now dramatically expanded. This relationship will benefit our clients greatly.”

“We at Texas Star Alliance are pleased and honored to establish a strategic relationship and close partnership with Prime Strategies,” said John R. Pitts, Founder and Managing Principal of Texas Star Alliance. “We offer an unparalleled suite of services and level of expertise to our clients, and partnering with Prime Strategies, which exhibits these same skills and is demonstrating significant strategic growth, was an easy decision that will deliver meaningful results for our expanding client base.”

Prime Strategies and Texas Star Alliance collective offices are located in Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, DC.

Principals with Texas Star Alliance participating in this joint partnership with Prime Strategies include:

John R. Pitts, Principal & Managing Principal
Harry McAdams, Principal Emeritus
The Honorable Ken Armbrister, Principal
Chad Cantella, Principal
Ryan Clay, Principal
Chris Hosek, Principal
Nick James, Principal
John F. Luman III, Principal
Kara Mayfield, Principal
John R. Pitts, Jr., Principal
Karen Reagan, Principal
Lucinda Saxon, Principal
Robert Scott, Principal
The Honorable John Specia, Principal
Thomas M. Suehs, Principal